Taking my own advice… more on LibGuides

After yesterday’s post I wondered if I could find a more efficient way to find helpful LibGuides than looking for them on each library’s web site.   A quick Google check and I found that there is a LibGuides Community site that allows you to “search and explore 404,761 guides by 63,016 librarians at 4516 libraries worldwide!”   Yes!

The problem in front of me this morning: Find a newspaper from Long Beach (California) publishing in 1975.  I put in the search words Long Beach Newspapers and this LibGuide topped the list: Long Beach And Local History — with a Tab to a whole page on Long Beach newspapers.  The library site that houses this LibGuide is University of California — Long Beach.

This was one of several hits.  A little further down the list is a University of Pennsylvania LibGuide: Historical Newspapers by State a guide that will be helpful in the future, even though it is not specific to this  query.

I found no explanation of how the search works, but from experimenting determined that it is best to use search words with no quotation marks.  It finds the words anywhere on the same page, of course, but putting quotation marks on the term brought up some odd results.

I am optimistic that this site is going to help me locate some very helpful LibGuides as I continue my research.  Thank heaven for libraries and librarians !

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Retired Librarian, active genealogist and grandmother.
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One Response to Taking my own advice… more on LibGuides

  1. chmjr2 says:

    Thanks for posting the Pennsylvania LiBGuide, Historical Newspapers by state. I am sure that I and many people will find this useful. Also the other listing will be of help to many people also.

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