Digital Images on

There are three main types of collections on

  1. Indexes only;
  2. Indexed with accompanying digital images; and
  3. Unindexed digital images (browse this collection)

The other day I was using an unindexed browse collection to find probate records. To my delight, the probate records for this county included  several index volumes, starting with A- Chesterfield, Abner … and ending with Vering, JohnWatrous, Victor.

What?  Wait!  I need to find the surname Withey.  Surely there were people in that county whose last name ended with something beyond Watrous.   So I checked the FHL catalog and, yes! — there was a final volume that would include everyone between Victor Watrous and Z.   It had been filmed, but there was no link to that volume on the online collection.  It may have been loaded, but no link created or it may have somehow missed being scanned.  In any case, I needed it so I wanted to get it fixed.

I clicked the help button and submitted my query.  Within a day or so I got a response.   Here is the pertinent information: “When we accessed the collection we read this in the collection description:  ‘This collection is being published as images become available.’ The latest update to the collection was on 11 August 2014, so additions are being made on an ongoing basis.”

So two reminders, when accessing unindexed collections:

  1. Remember to read the collection description!
  2. When you are puzzled, send in a HELP request (click the help button)

Actually, these reminders work for the indexed collections too.



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