Some recommended blogs

My  ProGen Study Group assignment for this month is to recommended some blogs that I follow, especially those that might be lesser known.

I like blogs that keep me current as to what new content is on some of my favorite internet sites, as well as new educational opportunities.  Here are a few I recommend that meet that need.

  • Joe Beine is my hero.  He maintains so many helpful pages that point genealogists to internet resources.  His Genealogy Roots Blog not only lets me know what is new, but it gives handy links to his many pages.
  • Miriam J. Rogers maintains two enormously helpful sites for finding online historical directories and newspapers.  For each you can subscribe to a blog that sends notification of updates.   Notice these links are to the blogs, but at the top of each blog is a link to the webpage.
  • Angela McGhie publishes a blog Adventures in Genealogy Education;  the content well explained by the title.   As an aside, Angela is the Administrator of the ProGen Study Groups.I gave the link to the website, above, but I will repeat it here (ProGen Study Groups website ) in case you want to consider joining one.  It requires a substantial commitment of time and energy, but it is also great fun and a way to meet some very nice and knowledgable genealogists from all over the U.S.   If you are ready for this step, I highly recommend the experience.

Want to find more blogs that might interest you?  Use the Genealogy Blog Finder

And of course, I have a page that covers blogs on my website:  Your Guide to Blogs and Blogging for the Genealogist.  But it was last updated in 2011 and I can’t update it until my nephew comes home for the holidays and moves me to a new server.  I’ll put this on my list of one of the first pages to update in the new year.

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Retired Librarian, active genealogist and grandmother.
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