WorldCat–more that just a big catalog

The big news in the genealogy world about two years ago was that the holdings of the Family History Library would now be represented in World Cat.    This is just one of many ways WorldCat is useful to genealogists.  I hope you are taking full advantage of this great resource.Re

Other helpful features include:

Find a library near me. You don’t need to find a library near your literal location.  You can put in the town of your ancestor and find libraries in and near that town.

When you find a book you want, for example, this book on early Dedham Massachusetts, you can 1) scroll down to view nearby libraries that own it and 2)  click the link to view all editions and formats, which will tell you if there are other editions and other formats, including digital copies on the web.

Anf finally, you can save bibliographies (book lists) in WorldCat. To do so,  first create an account. With an account, you can create lists and bibliographies. You can also review books and view other people’s lists.  These helpful videos will guide you.

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