Finding Quaker Meetings and Records

Today I updated my website, Your Guide to Finding Quaker Ancestors, and spent a little time investigating the site   The site is subtitled Quaker Meetings in North America: An Index. As its name suggests, the purpose is to be able to identify and locate information about Quaker meetings.  It appears to be based on Thomas Hill’s published book of the same title, for which the 4th was the last edition published.  It is now kept current on the web.

The search box allowed me to designate county and state; a search for Chester and Pennsylvania, where my Quaker ancestors lived, brought up 30 meetings.  A link for each provides detailed information about the meeting.  Here is the information for the Kennett Orthodox Meeting.  In addition to information specific to the meeting, the description includes links to repositories where the records are kept, a summary of extant records, a bibliography of published material regarding the meeting.

If you have Quaker ancestors, you will find this site invaluable.

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