The Family History Guide… a great new resource

A friend brought home an intriguing flyer from Roots Tech.  It described a new website, The Family History Guide.   I spent a little time working with the site and am pleased to be able to recommend it as one a genealogy researcher might find especially helpful.

This is a site you will use to educate yourself on genealogical research.  It will take a little exploration  to discover all that it offers.   Below is a brief overview of the structure.

After the Home page, the site is divided into five areas:  Intro, Projects, Training, Misc. and More.  Links to each are always available on the top of each page; hover over the link to get to a specific topic in that area.

Intro serves to introduce you to the site and how it works.  In addition, it provides links to well-chosen instructional information for such topics as computer and genealogy basics. Here also is a set of links to articles and videos to help familiarize  you with Family Search partners Ancestry, Find My Past, My Heritage, American Ancestors and Geneanet.  Remember: anyone can access these databases when in a Family History Center, so you need not have a subscription to use these resources.

Projects is the meat of the site.   There are nine project areas: 1) Family Trees, 2) Memories, 3) Descendants, 4) Discover, 5) Indexing, 6) Help, 7) Technology, 8) DNA, 9) Countries and Ethnic.

Information in  Family Trees and Memories  is specific to sections of  Descendants and Discover are oriented towards information to help you research family.  Indexing is specific to the indexing project, but can also help you learn how to read and transcribe records.   The Help project provides advice on getting and giving genealogical help.  Technology concentrates on linking to articles and videos that will help you use technology to further your research. The name DNA conveys the focus of this section.  Countries & Ethnic provides links to articles and videos specific to research based on geographic area (countries and states of the U.S.), as well as ethnic groups.

Training presents information that will help you make use of the site to teach and train others in family research skills.

Miscellaneous includes a valuable resource called the Vault.   Articles and videos included in the Vault supplement those in the various projects.  They are “secondary”– not as helpful as the ones given within the project itself, but still useful.   Before you use the vault, take a moment to click the “Legend” link; that provides the key to the abbreviations. Also in this section are tools to help you track what you’ve covered.

The More section contains links to a newsletter, comments about the site, contact information and other information that might be useful to users.

You will want to bookmark this site so you can go back to whenever you realize you need education in a topic.   It assumes you are willing to take the time to read an article or watch a video in order to further your research skills.   It that describes you, then this is a site you will often put to good use.

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Retired Librarian, active genealogist and grandmother.
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  1. Great resource, thank you for sharing!

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