• B.A., Speech, University of Michigan 1968
  • A.M.L.S, University of Michigan 1972
  • Librarian, University of Michigan Law Library 1973-2012
  • Member: Association of Professional Genealogists (Profile)
  • Completed Boston University’s Certificate in Genealogy Research Fall 2013
  • Attended several week long classes on advanced genealogy techniques; completed ProGen online training.
  • Maintain Website “Bobbie’s Genealogy Classroom
  • Teach advanced or continuing genealogy classes
  • Available for lectures and presentations to societies and groups.

7 Responses to About

  1. Laurel Durham says:

    Hi Bobbie,
    Your website is amazing! I happened upon it when I was searching for VA maps to find one of my related surnames (Talley). You utilized a parcel image featuring a Hezekiah Talley property as an example on your maps page. It just so happens that Hezekiah is of our line and we have been trying to locate exact property owned by the Talleys (and related surnames of Durham, White, Seay, McKinney) in the 1700s.

    Could you tell me where you found this, the date, or a broader location for the parcel?

    Thank you SO much for the great website. I will pass the link along to several researchers with whom I am in contact.
    Laurel Durham

  2. Debra says:

    Bobbie, I happened upon your website after a Google search for a relative. I found a 16 page document posted by you, I guess. It pertains to Frank B. Pimlott. I am a descendant of his. I would really appreciate some info on sources for some of the information. I am grandaughter of Francis L. Pimlott.

  3. Nancy Thomas says:

    No where on your website can I find your full name. I am interested in whether you ever give presentations about Reverse Genealogy.

  4. John R. Mcquithy says:

    You have done a tremendous job on researching and helping amateur genealigists. I was reading forum on Genealogy.com and never realised how much info has been accumulated on Mcquithy and affiliated lines. I am descended from John M., he from Oscar, son of Elias, and then Samuel Mcquithy/McWorthy and Mariah Anderson of Bath County, KY. Have you any further info on Samuel? I do not believe he is descended from Samuel Mcquiety of Highland Co., Ohio, his offspring wound up in California. Have you ever connected the William Mcquithy in New Orleans? Thanks for all the info you have shared and obtained.

    • barbsnow says:

      I’ll send you an email about what I know (or think I know) about Samuel who married Maria Anderson and the McQuitheys of New Orleans. It may take a few days. I am recovering from knee replacement surgery and every time I sit down and get comfortable and start writing, I doze off!


  5. Jo Woodward says:

    I was a volunteer for Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness during it’s hey day. It had to end that valuable and free service in the mid-1990s or there about. I checked your listing of sites and found it still not in existence. If it has made a come back under a new name, I’d like to know. Would join up again…

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