I have little to disclose. I don’t have any sponsors or use advertisements. Anything I write is my opinion.  I’m not always going to be positive about every topic, but in general I try to present opinions and ideas I think will worthwhile to genealogists.

I am a volunteer librarian for the local (Saline/Ann Arbor) Family History Center (but not a member of the LDS Church) and I am a retired librarian, so I will probably tend to  advocate for libraries and the Family History Library.

In case you are wondering why I don’t I have sponsors, use advertisers or otherwise monetize my website, it is because I started working at age 14 and retired in 2012 at age 67. I’m done with deadlines or demands! One exception: I do get paid for talks I give and classes I teach, but I will also sometimes do either for free. If you want to contact me to arrange either, see my page on teaching or talks and presentations for more information.

I created this blog in conjunction with a website that I maintain for the purpose of teaching and presentations, as well as to use for my own research: “Bobbie’s Genealogy Classroom.

Who is Bobbie?  I sometimes go by the name Bobbie, sometimes Barbara.  It all started when I took a new job and shared an office with another Barbara.  To avoid confusion, I suggested they use a nickname for me.  My family and friends had never heard of “Bobbie,”  but I kind of liked it.  At first it was no problem — I was Barbara in my home life and Bobbie in my work life.  But then a person I worked with introduced me to genealogy — and to other people as Bobbie.  And one of my friends started working where I do and began calling me Bobbie.  Over time it became a wuzzle.  What should I be called?  Frankly, I don’t care.  I answer to either and encourage people to use whatever feels “right” to them.

There. I feel disclosed.

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