Talks & Presentations


Talks on family life in the 19th century include

  • For Better, For Worse… Marriage in the 19th
  • Marriage by Habit and Repute… a Look at Common Law Marriages in the 19th
  • Before Death Do Us Part… Divorce in the 19th
  • Grass Widows, Bigamists and Dearly Departed… alternatives to Divorce in the 19th 

Talks on using libraries and archives include

  • If in doubt, Ask-A-Librarian. How to use libraries (and archives) to further your genealogical research
  • FamilySearch: The Family History Library Online
  • Heritage Quest: New, Improved and Available for Free
  • Genealogists in the Law Library

Talks on the Research Process

  • My First Proof Argument: Did I Prove the Answer? (a case study)

Presentation History

  • Midland Genealogical Society May 2016
  • Genealogical Society of Washtenaw Co. March 2016
  • Fox Run Genealogical Society February 2016
  • Oakland County Genealogical Society April 2015 and January 2016
  • Ford Genealogy Club March 2015 and May 2015
  • Northville Genealogical Society November 2015
  • Washtenaw Community College Free College Day Fall 2014 and Fall 2015
  • Dearborn Genealogical Society February 2014
  • Fox Run Genealogical Society January 2014

2 Responses to Talks & Presentations

  1. Robert Snyder says:

    Ms. Snow… I’m Bob Snyder, and I’m the program chairperson for the Midland Genealogical Society, Midland, Michigan. I’d like to contact you regarding your program on 19 Century Marriage Customs. I have in mind either March 16, 2016, or May 18, 2016. The March meeting would be a joint project with the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library. The May meeting is our annual meeting, and we usually try to do something unique for that one. You can contact me at 989-839-9644, or at If you use e-mail, ignore my spamblocker… I’ll get your message.

  2. barbsnow says:

    Glad to say we are all set for a talk in May.

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